Woody’s Grooming 101 FAQS

No, the brand does not test products on animals. We usually test our products on humans who provide their consent for testing.

Only a selected few items are gluten free. Gels, Beard Balm, 2 in 1 Beard Conditioner, Beard Oil, Shampoos contain wheat and soy proteins.

Currently, we do not have any products that contain SPF.

No need to worry, all our products are designed for all skin types. If irritation occurs please be sure to stop usage and/or consult with a physician.

While Woody’s products are formulated for men, women can use the products as well.

All Woody’s products are made in the USA.

Please be sure to fill out and submit a contact us form which is located on our website.

Please be sure to check your local barbershop to see if they carry our products or check a professional beauty store such as Cosmoprof (if you have a professional license).

Indeed, we do ship to all 50 states including U.S. territories and international as well. Shipping and handling fees are subject to change regarding destination.

No, there is not minimum purchasing obligations for Woody’s regardless how much or what you ordered.

Please be sure view our Returns & Exchanges Page on the website.



• Thoroughly cleanse skin of any oil or impurities. This will help keep your razor or blade sharp for a smooth, close shave.

• Never shave dry skin, and always apply a light pressure on the razor to avoid nicks and cuts.

• Always use clean, sharp razors and blades.

Apply the moisturizing Shave Lather, a unique formula that produces foam like an aerosol  for a rich and luxurious experience.

Follow with our soothing Post Shave Balm, which instantly restores moisture balance and instantly soothes the skin.



• Keep your facial hair well-conditioned and cared for with our 2-in-1 Beard Conditioner, Beard Balm, and Beard and Tattoo Oil.

• 2-in-1 Beard Conditioner works on dry skin too, to a prevent flaky base for your beard

• Tame wiry and frizzy strands and add a slight sheen with the Beard Balm

• Treat your skin and tattoos with the unique blend of special oils found in our Beard and Tattoo Oil to bring out your ink’s depth and your beard’s luster. 

• Easily shape and mold your mustache with our neutral Stache Wax, made with beeswax and coconut oil add lasting volume and provides superior control without any grease or lingering residue. Lasts all day and washes out easily.

• Safe to use on sideburns, beards and eyebrows to keep hairs in place.




• Create classic looks with our full line of pomades, waxes, gels, and pastes, plus our must-have Tuff Spray, a volumizing matte texture spray for tons of body.

• For light hold, use our clear Styling Gel. For medium hold with shine, opt for our pomade or cream, or web for a matte finish. For firm hold and shine, go with the Mega Firm Gel or Wood Glue, and for a firm hold with a matte finish, choose the Clay puck.

• Wash out all product thoroughly with our Daily Shampoo to thoroughly cleanse hair as it maintains essential moisture balance. Finish with Daily Conditioner.




• Get that intoxicating yet light scent that lingers with our classic Aftershave or Vanilla Aftershave, which instantly cool and soothe razor burn and irrated skin after shaving.

• Once splashed on a cleanly-shaved face, you’ll get an instant feeling of coolness with a soothing and calming effect on potential nicks and irritation. 

• Finish your grooming with a splash of Just4Play Body Spray, Love Grenade Body & Laundry Spray, or Woody's Fine Fragrance for that classic, masculine, and never overpowering finish.